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Awww, now this seems like a great little project with a cool, unique mechanic and some great puzzles!

The fact that there's a whole little world to explore in between finding each level to complete is really nifty too, it gives the game a lot more life and back story!

It may not have turned out quite the way the dev wanted thanks to the curse of technology being an arse, but regardless this was still a fun little game (even though I really missed some obvious puzzle solutions from time to time). Definitely worth checking out if you want to give yourself a little bit of mental exercise!

Keep up the awesome work Erik! =)

A little game with challenging puzzles and a fun mechanics! I'm surprised by the amount of stages you managed to design in the whole jam, so congratulations on that!

Little error?: Coin stacks require you to press Shift several times, if done too quickly Windows will take over and call upon Sticky Keys, which interrupts the game.


Hey this was some ncie dungeoneering :) unfortunately I got really frustrated at this part: 

The enemy was just moving randomly, and the switch used to move the barriers was really unresponsive when I needed it the most, sometimes not swicthing at all when I thouchd it.

Nice graphics though!

That's fair! I'll make sure to either give the player more control over the enemy/switch, or replacing that bit. Thanks for playing! :)


That was great! I'm impressed you got so many stages built in time. I accidentally skipped half the tutorial, but I was able to figure it out anyway. That stinks that the files got corrupted. I can tell a lot of work was put into this.


That's a very nice mechanic! I like how fast rumba goes and the little enemies. The music is not loud I think, in some places it was quieter than others. There is an overwhelming amount of levels! :0 Speaking of which,  I think it may be good to number them, so the player knows where to go. In addition, I think you could make more "action" levels, it feels really good for a quick rumba to go shoot enemies in a rage)


Thanks for playing, Nick! Glad you enjoyed it.

The levels are actually numbered, it's just hard to see the numbers on the sprites (the color of the number and the background blend together). Originally you were supposed to unlock levels as you went with branching paths (with two levels beaten you can either go to Lv. 3 or 4), but that didn't make it in this build. I'll re-add this feature and make the numbering clearer in an update :)