Kia, a mermaid who had fallen in love with the captain of a pirate ship, had been meeting up with him in secret for a while now as he travelled all across the seven seas. His crew wasn't aware of this, however, as they were brewing something more malign behind the scenes - a mutiny to overtake their negligent Captain. And, as they started to go through with their plan, Kia was discovered by the rest of the crew!

Keep the mermaid alive in this top down shoot-em-up throughout three scenarios, each more intense than the last, as you play as the Captain shooting with his trusty crossbow anyone who dares come close to Kia! Can you reign victorious amongst your crew, or will they get her before you do?


This, technically, counts as a post-jam version. It suffered a couple bugfixes that'd otherwise render a few of the levels unplayable, sorry about the hassle! If the game has ver. 1.0a on the menu, you're on the clear.


A full listing of credits is available on the in-game menu.

Erik Bianco Vera
Programming, UI art
Alexis Bareiro
Lead artist
Ezequiel Palladino
Lucas Noguera
Music, sound effects
Santiago Noguera
Music mixing

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 46.

Install instructions

Windows installation:

Open the .EXE and play!

Linux installation:

Open the terminal and execute the following commands:

  • chmod a+x "Crossbow Quest"
  • .chmod a+x nacl_helper
  • chmod a+x nacl_helper_bootstrap
  • ./"Crossbow Quest"


Crossbow Quest - Windows (32bits) 84 MB
Crossbow Quest - Windows (64bits) 89 MB
Crossbow Quest - Linux (32bits) 105 MB
Crossbow Quest - Linux (64bits) 104 MB

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